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Winttec is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Portugal, Europe. With a solid presence in the market for over 10 years, our core business is focused on developing underground solutions for waste collection.


Our guidance on the market, coupled with our knowledge of the principles of environmental policies and our commitment to the values of modern societies such as sustainability and quality of life, took Winttec to a leading role in the environmental market.


Spread over three continents, Winttec operates from Porto, Portugal and has a network of sales offices located in Spain and Brazil. We are present in over 150 cities and villages worldwide, with more than 5,000 bins installed across multiple projects.


The focus on custom solutions, distances us from the competition. We not only sell the equipment to containerisation, we specialize in creating integrated solutions that allow full control and management over our waste collection systems in a specific area or site.


The Winttec Research & Development department is a key pillar of the company's commercial structure. It supports the conception, project and implementation responsibility of all of Winttec's proposed solutions.


We are focused in being on the technological leadership of the market with high quality products, for total customer satisfaction. That's why we invest continuously to develop modern integrated solutions.


Our team is young, highly qualified and provides us guarantees of future success. We combine ethical and professional excellence with our enthusiasm and initiative, placing an emphasis on teamwork.




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